Stand with your values. 
Speak your truth. 
Script your destiny.


How will you write your story?


We provide personal, financial, executive, and mentor coaching on life or work goals that lead to transformation.  You walk away with your dreams in motion. What we offer you includes:

—Your personal mission, vision, and values


—Your life purpose

—Curated conversations

—Shared wisdom


Coaching is...

partnering with individuals in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential by facilitating learning and resources
— The International Coach Federation (ICF)



As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation, I was trained to dance in the moment (with whatever shows up) and honor that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole and possess the capacity of knowing what’s best for themselves. As a coach, my job is to walk alongside you in whatever journey you’re on. I will ask powerful questions, listen actively and be present for you as you explore and create your desired dreams and develop a plan to realize them.

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How will you transform? 

Transformation can be thought of as movement into a new state, where reversion is unlikely, if not impossible.  As with any change process, it works best when there are small incremental changes that are measurable over time.  Personal change is a process that requires time, effort, and commitment.  Coaching is a proven way to facilitate transformation because it helps you focus and provides you with support during your journey.


Case Studies



A work
impact and
interest for
a client.


This client was a consultant who felt pigeonholed into the types of the projects he was receiving.


Together, we explored his interests and intentions. His greatest want was to do more policy work that would impact his field more broadly. Through our coaching, he was able to shift his focus and be more intentional about the work he sought and obtained. He’s been successful in adding more policy work to his mix.


Integrated personal
and professional
life for


This individual works in the community development field and had a strong desire to do more around public spaces (which was not part of his job).  Outside of work, he began to connect to projects in his city. 


Today, he has integrated his interest and connections into his full-time job and has a real sense of joy about what he’s doing in the world.


work AND
personal commitments for a client.


After two significant setbacks at work, an operations and finance manager of a large for-profit professional services firm in the Bay Area, approached Chrysalis for a coaching session to help her recover and move forward in a positive direction with her firm.


Chrysalis worked with her to design a manageable action plan that addressed her weaknesses, rebuilt her confidence, and identified new approaches to her work. After a few months, she reported that she exceeded her work and personal commitments. She and her firm are thriving, as evidenced by her positive attitude and the firm’s positive bottom line.


What you are longing for?

Coaching clients come in with a range of dreams — to be/feel happy, fulfilled and well, to have financial security, to become leaders, to handle transitions with grace, and more.

Let us help make your dreams come true.