What is your magic?


About Us


We are a coaching and consulting group that makes dreams come true.  Through partnership, we provide the space, structure, and magic for forward movement and transformation.

Our work is informed by direct experience, neuroscience, behavioral sciences, mindfulness practices, positive psychology, coaching, the dharma, and the asset building and social justice fields.  When collaborating with people or programs, we bring deep and reflective listening, powerful inquiry, magical facilitation, and more to draw on your wisdom and experience to bring your dream to life.

Our values of love, integrity, beauty, harmony, freedom, interconnectedness, and equity are woven into our work.



What are your values, and how do you want to live them?


Everyone is trying to get somewhere.
We work with you to identify your destination, survey your current location, design your map, access the fuel you need to get there, and move ahead with passion and purpose.


Where do you want to be? 

It’s your dream.  It’s your destination.  You’re on the precipice of making your dream a reality.  It’s time to take the first step.

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Where are you now? 

You are here.  Together, we explore your current location - what resources you have and what resources you need.

How will you get there?

Next, we sift through possibilities to chart your course.  Here is where you sculpt your future, as your work and life are clay you can mold. 

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Who will make sure that you get to where you’re intending (and with style)? 

Along the way, we're your GPS reminding you of where you are now, how far you’ve come, and how much further you have yet to go.

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There’s magic between us.

I don’t exactly remember when I was called to serve, but it was early, with formal and informal actions.  I went on to graduate college with a degree in anthropology and archaeology, and I questioned how helpful those would be in making a difference… and in the question, I found nonprofits and asset building as a way to help people locally and tangibly.

A lifelong free spirit, it never made sense to me to tell someone what to do to reach their goals in my work with nonprofits.  So, I worked with people to make their dreams come true without any practiced skills; just a strong sense of intuition and a lot of technical knowledge.  That all changed when I discovered coaching in 2005.  Finally!  I found a container, framework, and skills for what I knew to be true.  I fell in love.  I knew my calling was to be the midwife to people’s dreams.  And, I dove head first into developing, honing, and practicing a lifelong craft of facilitating and nurturing others’ aspirations.


What are you being called to do in the world?

We will make sure that call is answered. We will dream, design, and dance with you as you show up as beautifully and brilliantly as you want to.

Let us help make your dreams come true.