What's your dream?


We make dreams come true.



Our formula is simple:

A better life for a better community for a better world.  Together, we make things better.  Human change is a very complex process.  By putting you and your dreams at the center and supporting your journey through learning and action, we facilitate positive and intentional changes for people, programs, and communities.  We help the helpers and the dreamers.

Together, we make a difference. 

We curate the conversations that need to happen with helping people and helping programs.  We ask the big, bold, breath-taking questions so you can be on purpose, on point, and with passion – personally or programmatically.  The world needs what you are ready to give.  The results are generative.  Your well-being, or the well-being your program creates, sparks more well-being and so on.

Pack your bags. 

We’re going on a journey of transformation.  Deep down you know the way.  We’re here to light the path and keep you on it.  We're in this together.  Together, we will realize the future you hold so dear.  We’ll work closely together to align your actions with your goals and values for resonance, fulfilment, and results.

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What is your truth?


Chrysalis coaches people to own their truth.

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What do you stand for?

Do you have important life or business goals you want to reach? 

Are you feeling inspired?  Are you trying to find work-life balance?  Do you want more fulfilling work?  Are you longing for a greater sense of well-being? 

We are your partner in transformation.  Let us help make your dreams come true.


Where do you want to be 10 years from now?


Chrysalis consults programs for results.

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Does your program need a shared vision?

Does it need to articulate its core values?  Do you need a strategic plan to reach your goals?  Do you need a customized training or technical assistance? 

We are your partner in transformation. Let us help make your dreams come true.

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